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Wooden floors in the flat or in the private house have become the Russian tradition which exists in the modern world, too. The wooden floor from a larch has reached the popularity not only thanks to the beauty, but also thanks to the quality-to-price ratio. The larch is a traditional type of a floor covering all over the world. The massive board of a floor from a larch is the most durable and steady against moisture and damages. It is also used at restaurants and bars, in spite of damp conditions.

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Lining from a larch (more correct to call it a doubling board, as it is called so in technical documentation), is minimal subject to deformation which is caused by a surplus or a lack of moisture. As it is possible to guess, the name "lining" has something general with coaches, as for their covering was used the board with bilateral selection (that there were no chinks).

planken iz listvennicyThere is no consensus when it comes to the decoration of the facade; some people choose synthetic facing materials, while others believe that natural materials are better for this purpose. To be objective, you can find both advantages and disadvantages in each of them. Decorating the facade with planks of larch always remains out of competition.

Thanks to modern processing technologies, the wood gets the desired properties. In particular, the proper protection and treatment can ensure that the material will not deteriorate over time, but will only become stronger.

terrasnaya doska Siberian Larch Terrace Boards are used for the production of wooden floors on open areas. Despite the name, such boards are not only used for the construction of terraces. They can be useful for the arrangement of verandas, garden paths, balconies, and pavilions, too.

In addition to the aesthetic properties, the following characteristics of larch terrace boards are also of great importance:

blok haus01

If you want to make the house looking like a building from single sticks, you should pay attention to a block house from a larch. This finishing material has a large number of benefits which profitable distinguish it from the rounded log.

First of all, it's important to note that the block house (from a larch) has a smooth, plain surface, and is also steady against external impacts that allows to use it for decades.



For linear articles made of Siberian larch.


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